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Road Trippin'

Every year we try to visit our family along the East Coast. We usually don't stop at the same place twice so we are always finding a fun new spot with the kids. If you haven't noticed, I don't make most of the family photos but my poor husband does. Doesn't he looked thrilled sitting on the bench day 8 of our 20 hour drive?!

Places to visit-

Wickham Park

Manchester, CT

This place has so many different gardens inspired by different cultures. I have never seen anything like it, There's a reason they call it a hidden gem!

B&O Railroad Museum

Baltimore, MD

Swan Memorial Fountain

Philadelphia, PA

Because if you've ever driven to VA with little kids, you know there's no stretch like the one through Philly.

Yorktown, VA

There are still old cannon balls stuck in the walls and foundation of homes in town. History.

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